Why Use Low-VOC Paints?

Why Low VOC Paints?

Why using low volatile organic compound (VOC paints) help the environment? The environmental impact of paint is diverse. Traditional painting materials and processes have had harmful effects on the environment, including those from the use of lead and other additives. Measures can be taken to reduce environmental impact like accurately estimating paint quantities so waste is minimized or use of environmentally preferred paints, coatings, painting accessories, and techniques.

Low-VOC and other environmentally preferred paints 

Volatile organic compounds are gases emitted by various solids or liquids, many of which have short and long term adverse health effects. Solvents in traditional paints often contain high quantities of VOCs. Low VOC paints improve indoor air quality and reduce urban smog. The beneficial characteristics of such paints include low odor, clean air, and safer technology, as well as excellent durability and a washable finish. Low-VOC paint types include latex (water-based), recycled latex (water-based), acrylic, and milk paint.

Low VOC paints contain a lower level of these gases compared to other brands. There are no specific regulations stating what levels are considered low, so some brands may contain more ingredients over others. A good rule of thumb is to look for paints containing less than 5 g / L of VOCs. If you are not quite sure what would be  a good choice, ask us, we are experts in low VOC paints. Most brands now have a low VOC line, so you should not have trouble finding variety of colors, finishing and quality. These paints have less odor too, and are the best choice if you have kids in the house.

VOCs accumulate over time, so many people may suffer health problems years after painting. These gases are especially harmful to people with asthma or other respiratory problems, in addition to babies, children and the elderly. For this reason it is so important to paint in a ventilated environment, as it helps eliminate some of these gases.

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