Kitchen and Bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens have been transformed into homes. From being spaces that were not given so much attention when designing or decorating, they have come to occupy a relevant place in the home.

Today they can become majestic spaces with exquisite pieces that look like works of art: mixers with unique designs, sinks with innovative designs, appliances with the most sophisticated technology available in the market and details that are topics of conversation.


The bathroom is one of the areas of greatest traffic in the home and that will be exposed to changes in temperature, water and heat, so it is essential to choose beautiful but tough pieces.

Creating the illusion of space and functionality is strategy when we are limited in space when designing a bathroom. Keeping the equipment off the floor and everything suspended from the walls are among the modalities for this part of the home.

Wall faucets, toilets with tanks hidden in the walls and showers from the ceiling are several of the new trends that the market offers for modern bathrooms. In addition, dual function mirrors and variable temperature mixers are elements that never go out of style and visually double the size of the space.

In addition, the lining of walls with the same slab and the same tone, make the space is continuous and uniform. The monochrome slabs add elegance and style. Also, man-made elements and natural components such as glass, wood, stone and refractive objects will create a cozy and light balance in the design.


In case of large bathrooms, the industry moves towards large format pieces and neutral tones because they are combinations that promote calm and relaxation. “In these large spaces the pieces in white become the focus of attention. In the same way, bathtubs can be added such as sculptural pieces, open walk-in wet areas, modern sanitary facilities and lines, as well as views and lighting with floor to ceiling glass without compromising privacy.

Integrating natural lighting into space always adds clarity and freshness. Also, integrating the concept of the new bathroom to the rest of the house adds personality and exclusivity.


1. Glass doors: Glass doors are much more practical than shower curtains. These parts help prevent water seepage and cleaning is easy. It should be noted that when choosing transparent glass, the visual space will increase significantly.

2. Design Shower and Faucet Columns: The fashion of creating a home spa increases every day. Therefore, consumers are looking for columns with massage options and various intensities in the water jet.


Since always, the kitchen has been considered the ideal space for family gatherings. Therefore, its distribution and elements should serve this purpose.

The design of kitchens has evolved to the point of being part of the furniture of the house. There is no division anymore, Clean designs, simple lines, mostly concealed appliances, kitchen utensils and dishes that are displayed on open slats that contrast with new ideas of finishes or finishes on the exterior are part of the new trend offer for the kitchen.

We recommend:

1. Incorporate laminates with similar textures to smooth cement and rough cement, and grain textures of wood are more durable and low in maintenance, which is a great advantage. There are also natural wood veneer finishes that look stylish.

2. Fill the kitchen with color. The tonalities at the moment range from the classics like opaque white and glossy white to the most daring ones like shiny taupe, black wood, roasted yellow and pastel blue.

3. Illuminate properly. Lighting goes hand in hand with the concept that the kitchen participates in the space of the house. Sculptural lamps are used that contrast with the modern and simple lines of the cabinets to floor and table lamps.