What to Expect

We believe that practicing and perfecting a system is what makes a great business and our customers appreciate that! We want you to know that your business is very important to us and we’ve taken a lot of pride in setting up the most streamlined house painting process, making it as easy and stress free for you! Here’s what to expect when you call us 281.839.4376

What to Expect in the Estimate Process

colored-numbers-01 We’ll gather your information and setup a time for an estimator to come meet with you. We are usually able to come out within a day or two to provide a free quote. We give you a set time, not a window like the cable guy, we know your time is valuable.

colored-numbers-02 The estimator will arrive on-time and will walk the property with you to address any concerns or questions you may have. They will leave you with a printed quote, don’t worry its no pressure, you don’t need to decide on the spot. To be honest we really just need to see each project because if we’re going to do the work we want to be prepared when we arrive, this is why we do all quotes on-site.

colored-numbers-03 When you are ready to schedule your project you can call our office at 281.839.4376. We will schedule your job when it works best for you. You will get a firm date from us so you can plan on it! Typically, we collect a deposit at the time of booking the job. If you need help choosing colors let us know, we can schedule a color consultant to meet with you and help you.

colored-numbers-04 Approximately 1 week prior to your start date we will call you and email you to confirm your job details.   We’ll need you to review the following forms prior to our arrival to start the job.


  • Interior Pre-Paint Checklist
  • Exterior Pre-Paint Checklist
  • Paint Color Selection Form

At this time we ask that you email or fax us your final paint color selections. We prefer to have this in writing from you so we don’t miss anything at all. We take it from here, we’ll get all your paint and products ordered and ready to go prior to your start date, to prevent delays.

What to Expect During The Job

colored-numbers-05 Our painters will arrive between 7:30-8:30AM to begin the job on the first day, they crew foreman will walk the project with you to go over any questions you may still have. Each crew generally consists of a crew foreman and a helper.  We want to make sure you are 100% happy so this is a good time to let us know of any concerns you may have. Don’t worry our painters are all background checked, drug tested, and have passed e-verify! Not many other painting contractors can say that!

colored-numbers-06 During the project we follow up daily with the crew foreman and our production manager will also conduct job visits where we inspect their quality of work. We take this step very seriously, we want to make sure you are getting the best possible quality. These levels of checks and quality checks and training are what makes us different than most other painting companies.

colored-numbers-07 When the job is complete the crew foreman will perform a final inspection with you, we do this to make sure you are 100% happy prior to us packing up all our equipment. If you see anything at all just let us know! Once you sign-off on the job we leave you with a quality survey where you can review our work. At this time we prefer to collect the final balance and settle up on the job, after you are 100% satisfied.

What to Expect After the Job

Rest assured that once we leave your home we’re just a phone call away. We’re not a ‘fly by night’ house painter who disappears forever after the job. If you ever have any issues or need assistance just give us a call or email! We stand behind out work with a written 3 year warranty.

As you can see, every aspect of our painting process is planned and designed with your satisfaction in mind. We know that its customer’s happiness that keeps us in business and we truly value your business!