MCP offers you affordable services for your drywall repair and finishing, interior and exterior painting, ceiling repairs, power washing and texture removal. We guarantee our work 100%, we only employ trained and qualified professionals who will deliver an excellent job 100% guaranteed, at the right time and with high quality and efficiency. We perform these services in house, so your remodeling job stops being a dream and becomes a reality.

We have over 10 years of experience and specialize in the remodeling and repair of all types of projects in drywall, ceiling, divisions, extensions and painting in general. We work with responsibility and integrity, you will find more information about the full range of services we offer below.

No job is too small for us, we employ trained professionals that will give you the peace of mind you need, also, we meet with you before the project starts to make sure all your questions are answered, more importantly, we work with you in every step of the project at hand and our main goal is your satisfaction 100%, need changes halfway through the project? No problem, just let us know and we will let you adapt it to your needs.

Our services include: drywall repair and finishing, interior and exterior painting, ceiling repairs, popcorn texture removal, wall repair, sheetrock repair, finishing and installation, spray texture, tape and float, texture match, wall paper removal, wall patch and repair.

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House Painting

With so many residential painting companies to choose from, it can be hard to choose the best company out there. Thankfully, you’ve heard that our residential painting services are affordable and meet the highest industry standards. MCP can handle any type of job. We have extensive experience in painting all types of homes, from small apartments and single bedrooms to large custom homes over 9,000 sq. ft. If it can be painted, we paint it, areas like; bathrooms, stairs, high ceilings, closets. We prepare your painted areas properly, sanding, caulking, and priming where needed before one drop of paint is applied. This insures long-lasting integrity and beauty for years to come. Any proper interior house painting job is not done right unless the proper prep is done. We also keep our work areas clean and neat, removing trash each day, which keeps your home clean and makes us more efficient while promoting safety. Interior:
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Specialty Painting and Staining
  • Bathroom Paint and Cabinets
  • Bedroom Paint
  • Kitchen Paint and Cabinets
  • Drywall Patching, Finishing, and Installation
  • Spray/Roll/Brush
  • Woodwork Painting and Staining
  • Wallpaper Removal
Exterior: As always, preparation is the difference of a good paint job and a great paint job. The following is what we do on each and every house. Power washing is one of the most important steps in preparing your home for painting. All homes have a layer of dirt, mildew, and dust which can only be removed by spraying with 1900 to 2900 psi of water to the surfaces. It is crucial to begin with a clean and properly prepared surface because paint will not adhere to a dirty surface. Scraping and minor wood repair is also necessary in surface preparation. We scrape by hand with putty knives and wire brushes to completely remove all peeling, bubbled, or loose paint. This will ensure a smooth, tight surface for the application of primer.  All loose boards are nailed down and we have skilled professionals to handle minor repairs. After the preparation is complete, we prime all repairs or any bare wood. The primer seals the wood surface and provides a bonding effect for the finish coat to be applied. Caulking is applied in all seams, joints, cracks, nail holes and all major wood joints. All windows and doors are carefully caulked to seal out insects and weather as much as possible. The finish coat is applied after all the above steps have been completed. We always use top of the line paint such as a Sherwin Williams, or any other premium brand of your choosing. A coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of a house and/or decorative structures in the yard. It is amazing how different your house can look with a simple touch of paint that is easy to apply and relatively inexpensive. When painting small wooden features on the outside of your home or an entire structure made of wood, it is important that you take the right steps to ensure that your paint job withstands weather and time.
  • Metal Paint
  • Door Trim Paint
  • Wood Paint
  • Stucco Paint
  • Porch Paint

Color Consulting

Color can be difficult to choose, especially on the interior of your home where you aren’t limited to HOA demands. Visit our color finder page to view a selection of color options available. You can even upload a photo and try different colors to see how they look. If you need help picking out paint colors you are in luck! We are one of the only interior house painters in Houston to offer a free color consultation on all signed contracts. For more information schedule a painting quote or contact us today 281.839.4376

Home renovation and restoration

We are # 1 in renovation and restoration in the Houston metro area.
Sometimes with a little effort and low-scale investment, you can significantly increase the value of your home.Whether you are planning to sell your home or simply renovate it, there are certain areas that we need to address first. # 1.- Electrical installation. Houses built before the 1970s were not designed to handle the electrical power used these days. With more and more electronic devices and devices demanding electrical service, it is worth paying special attention to check if your electrical installation can handle a minimum of 100 and up to about 200 amps, is the standard in most new homes in the United States in the present. Also check all wiring, # 2.- Plumbing. Old houses usually have both copper and galvanized pipes. A galvanized pipe is made of steel with zinc protection, which is intended to prolong the life of the material. Galvanized pipes can last 50 years on average, but if you live in an area with a high proportion of minerals in the water supply, the pipes can corrode more easily. Have your piping well reviewed and consider replacing some pipes if there are signs of corrosion spreading by them. # 3 .- Carpets. If you live in an old house you may well have wooden floors underneath the binder that are in good condition. Wooden floors are preferred by many buyers, so invest money in improving them and give it a finish, because it will surely impress shoppers, much more than with old carpets. # 4 .- Kitchen. If your kitchen looks a bit out of season, There are a few things that can make a big impact by updating the look of it without necessarily having to turn it around. Replace kitchen furniture with stainless steel or nickel-plated furniture. If kitchen cabinets are made of wood, try cleaning and painting them before replacing them with new ones. In an old house, any color and color scheme on the countertops and walls can completely update their appearance and make a buyer worry less about when the house was built. # 5.- Walls. Taking into account that  wallpapers came back in fashion, those applied in the 1980s are easy to identify with the naked eye. You can buy wall papers with ease but applying them to them takes more work than removing the old one and repainting them. Be sure to clean the door hardware, light switches and equipment. Replace any light covers that are broken or look cheap. # 6.- Update the equipment. Unfortunately homes built in the 90s may need to add equipment or update their appliances (refrigerators, kitchens, washing machines, dryers). Many air conditioners, water heaters and stoves have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Take into account that it may weigh as an undesirable expense to make, but the new household appliances today save energy and that will result in greater control of future spending when you have to pay bills.

Power Washing

Our team focuses on quality and efficiency and will have your home or property looking clean and new in no time. Power washing is the most effective way to remove mold and mildew from your outdoor surfaces. We clean:
  • House Siding
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Power Washer and Cleaning

Deck Painting & Cleaning

Has your deck began showing signs of weather damage or aging? Would you like to restore it to its former glory! Let MCP make this dream a reality. We believe that your deck should be a warm and inviting outdoor living area that ensures you enjoy quality time with friends and family. It most certainly should not be a nagging concern for you due to maintenance demands and the potential to inflict injury, which can happen when the maintenance process is not conducted in a professional manner. With our deck restoration experts, you can enjoy the experience and superior skill set that will breathe new life into your deck. Some people fail to understand that restoration of a deck is more than pressure washing and a new coat of paint. As a matter of fact, when not done correctly, pressure washing could result in additional damage to your deck since it can destroy wood. However, when you decide to use us for your deck restoration, you will enjoy the benefits of expert assessment of your deck’s restoration needs. More importantly, we will ensure that the physical strength of your deck is not compromised during the maintenance process. Additionally, to ensure that your deck remains strong, we prefer to use professional grade cleaners and brighteners in addition to pressure cleaning. When it comes to pressure cleaning, we are careful to use low-pressure cleaning so that the wooden deck surfaces do not undergo further damage. High-pressure cleaning tends to have a significant negative impact on the wood, even if it may have superior cleaning results when compared to low-pressure cleaning. This is essentially the reason we also use high-grade cleaners because they allow us to use low-pressure washing while still delivering high-quality cleaning. The cleaners are also environmentally friendly and safe. Once the deck cleaning process is over, the deck staining process begins. Deck staining is preceded by deck sealing. Through this two-step process, your deck will look great and continue to maintain that look for years to come. Of course, this has to be done right for it to offer these benefits. This is why you should use the highly professional services of MCP to ensure you get results you can immediately enjoy

Drywall Installation

MCP delivers on-time and on-budget drywall installation. Our experts are skilled in all areas of drywall including:
  • Installation
  • Finishing
  • Taping
  • Skimming
Drywall is a common material used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. It is made of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two thick sheets of paper and then kiln dried. Some types of panels are made with fiberglass instead of paper to prevent mold growth and are used in applications such as bathrooms and other wet areas.


Drywall installation, repair, and patching is a huge part of the work we perform. Drywall work in and of itself is a basic task in the construction industry, but to be an expert takes many years of experience in a wide range of techniques. There are many methods associated with drywall installation, repair, and patching that we have perfected over the past years. Proper preparation is a must not mention that building codes for the correct installation of drywall are very specific. Whether your drywall project is residential or commercial, MCP always utilizes the proper approach and makes the necessary preparations to achieve an outstanding finish on every project.


Do you need someone to install and finish or repair and patch your drywall? We perform all phases of drywall finishing: sheet installation, taping, and textures. Whether your project is in preparation of painting or you just need some damage repaired, not only do we have the experience to do the job well, we have the courtesy to keep the entire work area clean and dust free. Our technicians are experts in matching existing textures. We can make your walls look the way they did before the imperfections appeared.

DIY Drywall - Do's and Dont's

Don't try to save a couple of bucks by using scraps of drywall when you should be using a full sheet. The time and effort spent taping extra joints is rarely worth the money saved. Always join tapered edges to tapered edges. Stagger seams with each row of rock. Think ahead to make taping as easy as possible. Remove broken corners and loose chunks of rock, and cut out any blisters. These will all be filled in later with a fast-setting joint compound.
Never use tapered edges for outside corners where corner bead goes. The thinner edge of the drywall makes it hard to properly fill the beaded edge with taping compound. As your last task, run a putty knife over all screw heads and set all fasteners below the surface. Since you put them in, it's your job (not the taper's) to make sure they're properly set.
Request an estimate today and see how the professionals at MCP can help you with drywall installation.

Service Areas

MCP services the entire Houston area, including all areas inside the Beltway and beyond. Do you want a too see your home brilliant and clean. Before you paint yourself, call MCP for a fast and safe painting services solution. MCP can handle any type of job. We have extensive experience in painting all types of homes, from small apartments and single bedrooms to large custom homes over 9,000 sq. ft.  If it can be painted, we paint it - bathrooms, stairs, high ceilings, closets and more. Find out how MCP can save you time, money! Depending on the specific job you are trying to achieve, MCP is the solution for all your needs. If you need Painting Services in Houston Texas, call the professionals at MCP today Call!!!

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