The recommended maintenance that you must do in your house

The more and better maintenance you give to your house, the more life it will have. We want to share some secrets to maintain your house in perfect shape.

The house you live in needs to be maintained to be worth the same or more, so we suggest you review the following aspects on an annual basis to ensure proper preventive maintenance.

If every year you do a good maintenance,  you will not have adjustments or major expenses.

What you should not forget every year

1. Check that the roofs are waterproofed: If you have no moisture problems the visit will cost you $100-$300 on average. If there is any wear it is essential that you invest in this repair. Everything related to humidity is the first thing you should fix.

2. Semiannual service to air conditioning and heating equipment. This will not only give more life to the equipment, it will also help your energy consumption.

3. Check windows, screens and tempered glass.

4. Adjust the carpentry. The doors and drawers may wear out and you should check that the sliding doors work properly.

Remember to always keep receipts or invoices of any remodeling you do in the house so that if in the future you have problems you can ask for your guarantee. Even if the service is a bit more expensive, it is better to do it with a person of trust who has an established business practice and who can provide the offered guarantee.